Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pro-Wind Winning Streak Continues as Fairhaven Candidates Sweep

View from the topLocal wind energy is on a year-long winning streak at the ballot box in Massachusetts, extended on Monday by the re-elections of pro-wind Fairhaven Selectman Charlie Murphy and Board of Health Member Jeannine Lopes:
With 19 percent voter turnout, Murphy had 1,391 votes and Riley had 607 according to a preliminary count. In the Board of Health race, Lopes had 1,287 votes and challenger Louise Barteau had 740.
Local elections held in spring are designed to be low-turnout - they're exactly the elections anti-wind NIMBYs should win if their absurd health claims were finding even the least bit of traction. Instead, "Windwise" anti-wind energy activist Louise Barteau got only a third of the vote - again, in an election in which only the hardcore activist base of voters turned out.

It's the latest in a string of victories for local wind energy:
The wins of DeTerra and Lopes were no accident - Friends of Fairhaven Wind rallied the pro-clean energy majority to turn out to support them.

Local elected officials shouldn't be scared of anti-wind NIMBYs - they should build as much clean energy as they can, then when it's time for re-election, aggressively run on that record.

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