Thursday, March 29, 2007

Environmental Legislation: Annapolis Leads, Richmond Lags

Not exactly a bright morning to be a Virginia environmentalist. While the newspapers are raving about Maryland's bold environmental leadership, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine signed a power bill he should've vetoed. Gov. Kaine made only minor changes to gently urge Dominion towards providing renewable energy.

The bottom line is that this proposal is purely to increase Dominion's profits while demonstrating complete disregard for Dominion customers, Virginia residents and the environment. Contrary to the multi-million dollar media campaign they have undertaken to scare people into believing we need these lines, they refuse to provide any proof.
Even the eponymous Raising Kaine blog doesn't support the governor on this one:
As you know, many here at Raising Kaine - as well as groups such as the Virginia Conservation Network, Piedmont Environmental Council, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, AARP Virginia, etc. - had been urging Gov. Kaine to veto or heavily amend the bill.

... Those appear to be positive changes, but I'll have to study this more closely before I decide whether it takes the bill from the "absolutely awful" category to "acceptable."
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