Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Next Tuesday, 3/20/07 - Climate Crisis Action Day

Just got an email on Climate Crisis Action Day taking place a week from today in DC ...


The clock is ticking on climate change. Leading scientists are warning we are near "a tipping point" and must act now to avoid large-scale, irreversible impacts.

We get the message. But does the new Congress?

That depends on you.

Be a part of the Climate Crisis Action Day in Washington D.C. on March 20, 2007, and tell our leaders we can't wait any longer .

www.ClimateCrisisAction.org to sign up today - or to find out other ways to take action right now even if you can't make it to DC.

Thousands of concerned citizens will gather at the United States Capitol to tell Congress it's time to tackle global warming head-on, with responsible energy decisions and protections - not drilling - for special places like the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

Come listen to politicians, celebrities, religious leaders, and activists from across the country. Then, we'll give you a chance to go speak with your legislators personally, to make sure reversing climate change is at the top of their "to-do" list.

Global warming is already under way. Hurricanes, floods, and drought are becoming more frequent and intense. As the Arctic ice shelf continues to melt away, polar bears are drowning in their search for food. And all the while, drilling for oil continues to ravage our remaining wild lands.

Let's call on the new Congress to curb global warming by moving toward a smarter, cleaner energy future. We can't afford to let the clock tick any longer.

See you in DC!

Climate Crisis Action Day Organizer

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