Wednesday, May 2, 2007

CNN Runs Hour-Long Informercial for Conservative Nut's Anti-Climate Action Book

I was starting a new post about the series of recent reports on the DC area's air quality ... but then I saw it.

Glenn Beck on CNN promoting his special, "
Exposed: A Climate of Fear."

Apparently Beck has embraced the post-denial, re-framed conservative talking points, which go like this:

Climate change may be happening, but (choose one):
A) It's not our fault
B) There's nothing we can do about it
C) Even if there was something we could do about it, it wouldn't be worth the economic cost
D) Is climate change really so bad? New Orleans wasn't so great outside of the French Quarter, anyway.
For those of you not familiar with Glenn Beck, here's John from AMERICAblog:

Of course, this is the same CNN host who called Mrs. Clinton a "bitch" two weeks ago, so why stop there? This is the same CNN host who suggested that all Muslim-Americans are working with the terrorists, that the word "faggot" isn't really much of a slur, that women should be referred to by their weight, that he "hates" the families of the victims of September 11, that Hurricane Katrina victims are "scumbags," and that Senator Obama is so "colorless... he might as well be white."

But hey, CNN wants ratings. And they've apparently learned that racism, sexism and homophobia work for FOX, so why not CNN? Very sad.
A great analysis of Beck comes from mcjoan at DailyKos:

My question is not for serial moron Glenn Beck. My question is for CNN. How can you continue to have this man on your network? And Keith Olbermann, I love you man, but Beck shouldn't be today's worst person in the world. It's the person who gave him that air time.
And CNN is not just employing this man at their network -- they're giving him an hour-long infomercial to promote his next book, which -- you guessed it! -- will argue we should do nothing about climate change. It's due out in November 2007, titled An Inconvenient Book.

So how can you send a message? Vote with your remote -- tell CNN you'll change the channel if you see Glenn Beck's face on a program or promo.
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