Saturday, June 2, 2007

June 6-10: Potomac River Ramble

Just got an email about this event, heard it's worth checking out:

Sign up for the Potomac River Ramble!

Registration is open for the first Potomac River Ramble of the year to be held from June 6 - 10, 2007!

The 2007 Potomac River Ramble Series will begin with a four-day voyage from the National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown,W.Va., to the Tarara Winery near Leesburg, Va. The group will assemble in Shepherdstown on the evening of Wednesday, June 6, begin the following morning, and arrive at Tarara Winery on Sunday afternoon,June 10.

This Ramble's activities will include:

- Joining up with the Shenandoah Sojourn in Harper's Ferry
- Riparian tree ID and ecology
- Fish seining
- Riverside camping and cookouts
- Attending the Potomac River Family Fest in Brunswick, Md
- Meetings with local public officials
- Historical interpretive presentations
- Wine tasting at Tarara Winery
- Musicians
- And more!
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