Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Steroid Fruit: Advantages Only Skin Deep

No great scientific insight here today, just an experience with organic fruit to pass along.

Comparing an organic orange to a regular orange is like comparing pre-steroid Jason Giambi to post-steroid Jason Giambi.

Just look at them sitting on my window sill. The standard orange looks bigger, shinier, smoother, more perfectly spherical, and it's just plain bright orange. The organic orange looks smaller, dull with some brown patches, and it's not nearly as luminescent as the standard orange.

But peel the oranges, and all of the sudden the comparison is much different. It turns out the standard orange's size edge was all peel. It has a much thicker skin than the organic orange.

And that color difference? The standard orange's color and shine ends up all over your hands -- they're dyed and re-waxed to make them look better in the produce section.

What are you left with? It turns out the standard orange's advantages were all skin deep. They taste about the same, but the organic orange contains no pesticides.
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