Friday, May 4, 2007

Why All Environmentalists Need to Help Rebuild DC's Eastern Market

If you want to be green, it's important to buy local. The closer a product is made, the less fuel is burned in delivering it to you. When it comes to the products you eat, the concept known as food miles. That's why in the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment Green Living Challenge, you get 5 points if you, "Eat a locally grown, organic, and/or meatless ingredient meal twice a week."

That's why the fire that destroyed most of DC's Eastern Market is such a loss not just for the business owners and customers impacted, but for all Washington area environmentalists. Eastern Market is one of the last of the neighborhood markets, places where local products could find local buyers. In Arlington, all we have is the Courthouse Farmers Market just one morning a week.

Fortunately, some of DC's most dedicated citizens are making it easy to help rebuild Eastern Market. Eastern Market Rescue is organizing a citywide fundraiser on Tuesday, May 8th, with the proceeds going to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

So far, 14 bars and restaurants have signed up, with more to come, agreeing to donate a percentage of their proceeds towards rebuilding Eastern Market. Go to the Eastern Market Rescue website to learn more, and be sure to visit at a participating establishment next Tuesday!
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