Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crabdawgs, And Other Things The Green Miles Enjoyed This Weekend

A few notes from the weekend ...

* If it's below 80 degrees, it's too cool to go tubing. Had a great time at Butts Tubes on the Potomac Sunday, but by the time we got to the pickup spot, I was ready to dry off and warm up.

Of course, The Green Miles couldn't leave the river without doing a mini-cleanup of items that floated past in the water. I grabbed a few floating empty cans, which went in the recycling bin, a few full Capri Suns, which went in the trash, and even a few unopened beers that had escaped their coolers, which will get washed and put in my fridge. I always laugh when people grimace about me drinking a beer I fished out of the river. Floating in the questionable water for 3 hours is OK, but drinking an airtight container that had been floating in that water is gross?

* Ordered a new tshirt. Yes, I'm a treehugging dork. But you knew that by now.

* Spent Friday night manning the ACE booth at the County Fair:

- Just heard of a company called EcoCoach that offers "ideas and tools for you, your organization, and your place of leisure to become more environmentally friendly, healthy, and aware." Check out their website here.

- There's a "Sierra Club and Beer Night" at Carpool in Ballston on Tuesday September 18th from 7-9pm. The event isn't listed on the Sierra Club website, so call 202-237-0754 if you want more details.

- Got interviewed by Jennifer Cipparuolo of the Arlington Video Network on Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment Green Living Challenge. As soon as I find out when it'll air, I'll let you know.

- Crabdawgs = wicked awesome. Combines the tastiness of a crab cake with the crispiness of an egg roll. They're available to order online. According to their calendar, this was the company's last planned visit to Virginia this year, but you can catch them at the Prince George's County Fair Sept. 6-9.

* Watching The Green Mile on FX right now. Obviously one of my favorites. Loved the Stephen King serials, and the film version is one of the few movies that's at least as good as the book. Hard to make a bad movie with Tom Hanks, but it also features some of the best understated actors around -- David Morse, James Cromwell, Bonnie Hunt.
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