Friday, August 31, 2007

Green Bars in Arlington? Not So Much.

A couple of friends who I met through the Arlington Young Democrats recently organized a green bar crawl for their birthdays. Here was the itinerary (their notes, not mine):

7:00 PM- Ragtime in Courthouse (Ragtime recycles all card board boxes and cooking oil)
8:00 PM - Ireland's Four Courts (2051 Wilson Boulevard) By far the greenest of all the bars - Ireland's Four Courts recycles glass and card board.
9:00 PM - Whitlow's on Wilson (2854 Wilson Boulevard) Whitlow's recycles card board and cooking oil.

10:30 PM - Tallula's (2761 Washington Boulevard.) Tallula's recycles card board and serves an organic beer.
11:30 PM - Royal Lee (2211 Pershing Drive) for some late night karaoke. We don't care if they are green or not, they have karaoke, therefore, they are exempt.

It's a marginally green list -- and these are the best of the best! It's sad how few Arlington bars and restaurants do even the bare minimum to recycle empty beer bottles. Most customers just assume their bottles do get recycled, but in reality, most go right in the trash. And good luck finding organic beer -- only Lost Dog Cafe and Tallula serve organic beer in Arlington.

Know of any Arlington bars that try to be green? Or serve organic beer? Post them in the comments!

Speaking of the Arlington Young Democrats, they're co-hosting the annual
Joint Campaign Chili Cookoff on Monday (Labor Day) from 4-6pm at the Lyon Park Community Center (414 N. Filmore St., closest Metro is Clarendon). Tickets are $35 for individuals (children under 15 are free), $25 for AYD/Roosevelt Society. They're also asking attendees to bring new schools supplies to be donated to Arlington students in need.

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