Friday, August 24, 2007

Sierra Club's "Pick Your Poison": Are All Oil Companies the Same?

The Green Miles' sweet ride got a new addition this week when my Sierra Club air freshener arrived in the mail! Like with any air freshener, its pine scent was a little, um, bold at first, but it softened up after a couple of days.

I got the air freshener free from It's part of their Pick Your Poison report, rating the environmental record of each of the major oil companies. Here are the results with links to the full write-ups of each of the companies:

Top of the Barrel

Middle of the Barrel
Royal Dutch Shell
Valero Energy Corporation

Bottom of the Barrel

Reports like this are perfect for making sure my consumer choices reflect my climate conscience. Is there a term for that? I don't think so, therefore I'm making one up right now -- climate consumerism. Done.

The air fresheners take it one step further, getting that clear, concise information to the exact place I need it as I'm making your choices. Unfortunately, the Sierra Club's website now says they're out of the air fresheners.

Obviously there's not going to be a BP or Sunoco around the corner every time I need to gas up. But in the long term, it'll help direct my dollars away from climate deniers and towards oil companies that are taking some steps to reduce their environmental impact.
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