Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Green Living Challenge #6: Greening My Power, Cutting My Carbon Footprint

With the Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment Green Living Challenge deadline coming up on October 31st, it's time to finish my push to 100 points. Fortunately, I can pick up another 10 points for something I did over the summer:

Buy renewable energy credits (e.g. wind power) equivalent to at least 50% of your electricity usage.

I've switched my power source from Dominion's standard mix of mostly coal-fired and nuclear power to green power, though it was more expensive and a long process. I'd much rather switch my power source directly to green power than to still use coal/nuclear with credits. With the latter, you're not directly reducing your carbon footprint, you're just trying to offset it, a questionable practice.

Wikipedia can give you a quick overview of green power. You can also track my progress in completing the Green Living Challenge.

Points for this action: 10
Total points to date: 85
Points needed to complete Green Living Challenge: 100

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