Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How Many Countries Does It Take to Equal VA's Emissions?

From the National Environmental Trust's "Taking Responsibility: Why the United States Must Lead the World in Reducing Global Warming Pollution" report:
Virginia, with its population of 7,769,233, emits more greenhouse gases than that of 83 developing countries, with combined populations totaling over half a billion people.
What does that mean for us? Not just rising temperatures, but rising insecurity:
“Even small increments in further warming will make the difference between severe climate change and catastrophic climate change, the difference between 200 million or a billion people displaced from their homes worldwide,” said Joe Bouchard, delegate-elect from Norfolk, and former Commander of the Norfolk Naval Station. “Unfortunately, these displacements are likely to make unstable parts of the world much more unstable, threatening global and national security. Here in Virginia, even a modest rise in sea levels can have a severe impact on all of our coastal military installations.”
You can read the news release here or download the full report here.
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