Sunday, January 6, 2008

Now That's Progress: Chap Peterson's Clean Energy Future Act

UPDATE: Details of Chap's plan are now up at Raising Kaine

Monday morning at 10am in Richmond, Chap Peterson will reveal the details of his Clean Energy Future Act:
Senator Chap Petersen to unveil new Clean Energy Plan for Virginia

Environmental, faith, and student allies pledge support for the "Clean Energy Future Act"

RICHMOND, VA - At 10:00am on Monday, Senator-elect Chap Petersen will join allies and advocates to unveil his new initiative, the "Clean Energy Future Act". This bold initiative will re-direct Virginia's energy policies towards a sustainable future, setting long term goals for investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as special incentives for in-state generation and manufacturing.

Despite its extreme vulnerability to global warming, Virginia is currently far behind the curve on efficiency and conservation. The Commonwealth currently ranks last among all 50 states in investment in energy efficiency, and lacks any binding renewable energy standards. The Clean Energy Future Act would shift the direction of Virginia's energy policy to clean renewable energy.
From what I've heard, Chap's plan would represent not only huge environmental progress, but take the first steps towards preparing Virginia's economy for our low carbon future. Renewable energy and green jobs are critical components that will go hand in with Gov. Tim Kaine's energy plan, which would make efficiency a priority for state government. Let's hope it gets a fair hearing in Richmond!
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