Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Manchester Schools Can Expect to Hear from My Attorneys

They're totally infringing on my imaginary copyright. Doesn't matter if it's imaginary - I'll just instruct my legal team to use The Chewbacca Defense. Works every time.

From the UK's Fleetwood Weekly News:
Children in Manchester are being offered the chance to train with a Premiership football club as an incentive to get them walking to school.

City council bosses have teamed up with Manchester City in a bid to get 19,000 pupils to make greener journeys by walking, cycling or using public transport.

Children will collect 'green miles' - special stickers handed out by teachers - recording how many environmentally friendly trips they have made.

The winning class from each school will receive a free training session from the club's City In The Community programme.

Councillor Neil Swannick said: "The Green Miles competition encourages children and their parents to consider the impact that transport choices make on their lives and to explore healthier and more enjoyable ways of travelling to school.

"Equally important is the very real and positive influence youngsters can have in persuading parents and carers to leave their cars at home."
It's enough to turn me into a Man U fan! OK, that's a lie. As a Red Sox fan, The Green Miles could never root for England's version of the Yankees.
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