Thursday, March 20, 2008

Post Express: Glaciers Melting, Don't Ask Why

The Washington Post's Express contained this story in Monday's edition:
Readers of this article are left with one glaring question.


The Express heavily slices Associated Press content to fit its smaller format. I'm assuming a copy editor quickly cut the article to fit the space, not realizing the cause of the rapid glacial melting had been lost.

Taking a look at the full AP article, you can find the critical information they left on the cutting room floor:

"There are many canaries emerging in the climate change coal mine," UNEP's executive director Achim Steiner said in a statement. "The glaciers are perhaps among those making the most noise and it is absolutely essential that everyone sits up and takes notice."

He urged governments to agree stricter targets for emissions reductions at an international meeting next year in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

It's just one example of how sloppy journalism muddies the waters on the urgent need for climate action.
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