Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worst Earth Day Post Ever

I got nothin'. I blog about the environment 365 days a year. Why make a big deal out of one? Does that mean everyone can ignore the Earth the other 364?

OK, I do have one little thing. Have you seen the cover of TIME magazine's environment issue? Doesn't it look like they're putting up one of those cell phone towers made up to look like a tree? Wouldn't it have fit the image much better and been more 21st-century to have them putting up a wind power generator?

And for the most creative skewering of President Bush's inaction on global warming I've ever seen, you have to read The Fat Bush Theory.

UPDATE 1:53PM: Even more annoying than declarations that Earth Day will save the planet -- pretentious declarations that Earth Day was like SOOO much better back in the day, and now it's all ruined and commercialized.
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