Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bay-Friendly Dishwashing Detergent Hits The Teet

The Green Miles takes so many cell phone pictures at Harris Teeter, they must think I'm a Safeway spy or something.

But there's good news to report. The Teet is now stocking Palmolive Eco dishwashing detergent, a phosphate-free alternative. As Grist's Ask Umbra reports, most dishwashing detergents use phosphates, which contribute to algae blooms and dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay even though natural enzymes work just as well.

Virginia recently joined Maryland in banning phosphates from dishwasher detergent effective 2010. The legislation passed the Virginia General Assembly last year without a single opposing vote.

The Teet also recently added an extensive selection of Seventh Generation products, so there are natural alternatives available for all sorts of kitchen and bathroom cleaners.
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