Friday, June 13, 2008

Green Gifts for Father's Day


That was my reaction to Grist's green gift guide for Father's Day. Sure, it's got lots of cool stuff. The golf balls that dissolve in water are neat.

But it is nevertheless mostly stuff, which Grist wisely urged us to avoid giving just last Christmas. Of course, I wasn't nuts about that list, either. Show your love for your dad by giving ... a carbon offset? Gee, just what I wanted!

OK, so maybe I'm being too negative. What should you go for? Get dad something he can enjoy but won't add to his pile of stuff. Maybe a restaurant gift card (and mom will get a date out of it), a bottle of organic wine, or tickets to a ballgame or a show.

So what did The Green Miles get his dad? An assortment of organic coffee, tea, and breakfast items from Green Mountain Coffee. And of course, a completely inappropriate e-card. The eco-friendliness of the e-card takes the sting out of the sarcasm.
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