Friday, June 27, 2008

How Are Rising Gas Prices Impacting EnviroCAB?

With gas now averaging $4.07 nationally, I thought I'd check in with enviroCAB. Are their drivers glad they made the switch to hybrids when they did? Here's what an enviroCAB rep wrote back:
I think the rising cost of gas is just showing everyone that going green does not have to be a financial impairment. A few weeks ago I was talking with a driver of a traditional taxi, he said that he spends about $65 a day on gasoline. Even with the $1 fuel surcharge he was still struggling to make money. Meanwhile, our drivers are typically spending $35 dollars a day to drive the same amount of miles.

I would say that typically our drivers are the happiest around. They are helping to build this business from the ground up. When they see that we are taking on more and more corporate accounts, and they have the same customers calling everyday because they refuse to ride in anything but an enviroCAB, its must give them a great sense of ownership and accomplishment.
Have you added enviroCAB to your cell phone contacts yet? If not, do it right now so you have it whenever you need a cab. The number is (703) 920-3333.
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