Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nats Go Green By ... Wearing Green Caps. No, Really.

UPDATE 6/5: The game was rained out. According to the Post, "The Nationals had planned to wear green hats to promote environmental awareness and use a green theme around the park. The 'Go Green' theme will now be used Monday instead."

The Green Miles is a partial season ticket holder of the Washington Nationals. Tonight's game is part of my package and apparently we're all supposed to wear green to the game. Why? Discovery is launching its "Planet Green" channel today and is
sponsoring the game:
Nationals players will be wearing green hats during the game.

Discovery will have signs for the Planet Green channel at the stadium and ushers also will be wearing green hats. There will also be random giveaways during the game, including 5,000 free Metro cards.
OK, so it's not exactly an overwhelming environmental agenda. And I doubt we'll hear any mention of the Climate Security Act. But it could be good if the right information is presented in a persuasive way. The Nationals also get some leeway since Nats Park is a LEED-certified green building.

In any case, expect a full Genuine or Greenwashing report on the event in the days ahead.
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