Monday, July 21, 2008

Al Gore on Meet the Press

I didn't get to watch Al Gore on Sunday's Meet the Press as I was listening to Van Jones speak at Netroots Nation '08. However, Dave Roberts at Grist watched and it sounds like Tom Brokaw should've stayed retired:
Brokaw had the ... gall? idiocy? ... to ask why the Democratic Congress had not passed any sweeping energy proposals. Gore pointed out that if you can't get 60 votes, you can't overcome a filibuster in the Senate and nothing gets done. Brokaw responded with this: "But you can put it on the agenda and try to move the country."

Could you scream? There were probably a dozen agenda-setting, country-moving bills that floated around Congress this year to establish a carbon cap, removed oil subsidies, fund renewables, increase efficiency standards, etc. etc. etc. Republicans killed them. Does Tom Brokaw really not understand that?

Then he pestered Gore to condemn Hillary Clinton -- who's no longer in the race -- for proposing a gas tax holiday, without so much as mentioning that John McCain -- who's still in the race -- is still supporting one. [Rips hair out.]

Yeesh. Makes me not want to check out the clips/transcript and see how bad it was. I'm back in Arlington and it's bedtime, but maybe I'll review the carnage tomorrow.

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