Thursday, July 10, 2008

New & Noteworthy Links from Virginia and Beyond

Thought I'd highlight a few additions and updates from The Green Links:

  • Not sure why Bacon's Rebellion wasn't on The Green Links already, but consider the oversight fixed. It mainly covers Virginia growth and transportation issues from a fiscally conservative slant but tends to avoid easy categorization, always a good thing.

  • Based out of Cleveland, Black and Into Green looks at sustainability from an African-American perspective.

  • Recently stumbled across Gaiam, a green lifestyle company offering eco-friendly products.

  • Girasol, Arlington's bilingual dog blogger, survived the 4th reporting, "I’m still afraid of the fireworks but my hiding place is under the bed."

  • New Belgium Brewing has launched a new blog called The Tinkerer.

  • From the Prince William Conservation Alliance comes Your Piece of the Planet.

  • Virescent details an Alexandria resident's efforts to live more sustainably.
And over at, Wendy Rieger's Green Room seemed to fade for a bit, but it's back and looks better than ever. Here's a recent tidbit about an attempt to use a green strategy to tackle her ant problem:

Last night I tried an “organic” solution. I sprinkled cinnamon along the window sill where they were marching in and bam! They stopped. It seemed to horrify them. They woudn’t go near it! They became quit distressed by the presence of this amber powder. Amazing.

I read that lemon peel and cayenne pepper have the same effect. This morning when I woke up the kitchen had a sweet smell of cinnamon and there weren’t any ants around. Problem apparently solved.

Although now I have a nagging desire for rice pudding. Or flan. French toast. Or maybe some pie. Or what’s that thing with the bananas in warmed butter with brown sugar and cinnamon? I could eat that right now. Snickerdoodles … mmmm.

Maybe I should go get some more Windex.

Any great websites and blogs that haven't made The Green Links? Post them in comments!
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