Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now That's an Excessive Package: Netroots Nation Schwag Bag

Product: Netroots Nation registration bag

Approximate weight: 5 pounds

Percent suitable for recycling
: 80

Most recyclable item
: Salsa-flavored tortilla chips from Wired for Change (already eaten)

Most interesting item
: Condom from Center for Constitutional Rights

Item most prone to waste
: Small t-shirt from, which if I wasn't a damn dirty hippie
would go right in the trash, but since I'm a treehugger I'll follow the instructions to go to the booth to trade in the shirt for my proper size

Full credit for coining term "Schwag Bag"
: Meghan from

The Green Miles' level of disappointment Netroots Nation didn't do anything at all to make their Schwag Bag less wasteful/more sustainable
: 100 percent
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