Friday, August 1, 2008

GOP: We Can Block 30 Energy Solutions Today!

Have you ever read the Dr. Seuss book I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today? The Green Miles still has his yellowed copy. The Cat in the Hat's son confidently declares he can take on 30 tigers ... until 30 tigers show up and call his bluff.

"Well ... maybe twenty-nine," says the cat. "You! Down there! With the curly hair. Will you please step out of line. I can lick twenty-nine tigers today ..."

The cat finds excuses as to why he won't lick the other twenty-eight tigers until there's just one left. "But ... you know, I have sort of a hunch," the cat calls out to the last tiger as scurries away, "That noontime is near. You just wait for me here. I'll beat you up right after lunch."

That's Congressional Republicans' energy strategy. We can block 30 energy solutions today!

Oh, wait ... that oil speculation bill looks rather scrawny. Wouldn't be a fair fight. Better filibuster it.

And that renewable energy tax credit extension is too short. Yes, that's it. We'll filibuster that one, too.

Releasing light petroleum from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease pressure on gas prices? Why, that would be too easy. Let's use procedural moves to block that until something more challenging comes along!

In fact, for all their bluster about supporting "all of the above" energy solutions, they'll only allow a fair vote for one -- handing more of our public lands and waters over to Big Oil so it can drill, then turn around and sell the gas to us at exorbitant prices and post the biggest profits in American history.

Tell your members of Congress you want them to support a clean energy future.
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