Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama Shreds McCain's Drill-and-Burn Energy Plans

What position will help John McCain get elected president today? Well that's the one he'll take. And if the political winds shift tomorrow, he'll shift right along with them.

How else to explain his always-changing positions? McCain used to be for climate action; now his advisers are
saying he's against it. McCain used to be against the Bush tax cuts, now he's for them. In fact, Crooks and Liars detailed ten McCain flip-flops in June alone.

Since he has no principled positions to run on, John McCain has created a campaign that would make Karl Rove proud, running ads tying Barack Obama to young blond girls, questioning his patriotism, and trying to link him to terrorists.

So is Obama responding by getting down in the dirt? Nope. He's hitting McCain where it hurts -- on substance:

Check out the campaign's new page, Environmentalists for Obama.
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