Sunday, September 28, 2008

All Aboard for Organics on Amtrak

Just a couple of quick notes from the train ride home. Amtrak not only serves Green Mountain Coffee, they have a wide selection of organic snacks available. Very nice to see and makes me want to keep riding Amtrak (though it would make me want to ride even more if they had free WiFi).

It was also nice that the cafe car server accepted my reusable mug. The last time I took an Amtrak train, the server refused to take my mug, saying, "I don't want my bosses to accuse me of stealing." I guess he wanted to make sure he gave out a paper cup for every cup of coffee sold?

My reusable mug also came in handy at Amtrak's tiny water dispensers. The only way to get water out of them is by filling miniature paper cones that hold about one gulp of water. So kept refilling the cone and dumping the water into my mug, it saved me quite a few trips to the water dispenser.
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