Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Coming Soon to a Bar Near You: Peak Organic on Draft

After Friday's post on organic beer, I got a note from Peak's local sales rep letting me know that Boulevard Woodgrill, Liberty Tavern and Bailey's are considering adding Peak Organic on draft. Also:
Already flowing in DC at: Rocket Bar, Tryst, Open City, Wonderland Ballroom, J. Paul's, Hook, Oceanaire, Les Halles, Cafe Saint Ex, Busboys, Ulah Bistro, The Reef, Kramerbooks, if you know any of those spots. Let me know if you would like it served at a particular spot or think it would do well, I will certainly try to get it on tap anywhere I can. Super tasty on draft, not sure if you have tried it.

Please request Peak anywhere you drink/dine. It really makes a huge difference when customers put in a good word.
What other places in Arlington would you like to see organic beer on tap?
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