Saturday, January 31, 2009

Drudge: Two Inches of Slush Means Global Warming Doesn't Exist

SlushMedia Matters details how over on Drudge Report, Mad Matt claimed Al Gore should be embarrassed to testify before a Senate committee about the climate crisis because clearly two inches of snow, slush and ice means there's no global warming.

Yes, this two inches of wintry mix must be a sign of an oncoming ice age. Just look at my front yard! Isn’t it magical? It’s like I’m walkin’ in a winter wonderland.

This storm actually marked the DC area's first measurable snowfall of the winter, so I'm surprised mildly amused Drudge would cite it as evidence of global cooling. In fact, a quick look at DC’s snow records shows startling evidence of a warming trend:
Number of back-to-back DC winters with less than ten inches of snow:
1887-1990: 2
1990-2008: 4
And if we don’t get ten inches of snow this winter, it will mark the first time DC has gone three consecutive winters without ten inches of snow in recorded history.

But the media can’t dwell on that. Depressing news is just terrible for ratings. Much more entertaining to make fun of that buzzkill Al Gore!

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