Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moran Reiterates Opposition to Offshore Drilling

In the wake of his pleasantly strong energy proposal, Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran today restated his strong opposition to offshore oil drilling.

Offshore drilling benefits only one constituency: Big Oil. The Bush administration's own Energy Information Administration has said that even if you drilled everywhere Big Oil wants to drill -- off the mid-Atlantic, off Florida, in Alaska, etc. -- it would only cut prices at the pump by a few pennies, if that. In return, we'd get more global warming pollution, higher risk of a spill, and no progress towards clean, made-in-America renewable energy sources.

Moran's stand also sets up a strong contrast with presumptive Republican nominee Bob McDonnell, who still parrots the "drill, baby, drill" slogan that sent dozens of Republican candidates down to defeat last fall.

Want to get really creeped out? Visit McDonnell's issues page (which actually has no issue positions on it). Among the highlights:

  • McDonnell's creepy artificial glow
  • The crowd behind him appears almost 100% white with maybe one or two Hispanic faces. The best part? It's photoshopped! Couldn't they pick a picture to photoshop with at least one black person in it? Apparently even the best cutting-edge technology can't make Republicans look multicultural.
  • From the same photoshopped crowd, the guy with the McCain-Palin sticker in the front row. Again, couldn't airbrush that out?
I'm already fired up about beating this guy. And it's only January.

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