Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Change Means for Our Environment

With over a million people already crowding the Mall and the wind chill at 13 degrees, The Green Miles is watching the run-up to the inauguration from his nice warm living room with a hot cup of coffee. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to reflect on what a President Obama will mean for our national energy and environmental policies.

Instead of a president who leads a war on science, we have a president who puts scientists in his cabinet.

Instead of a president who denies and delays on climate change, we have a president who puts climate action at the top of his agenda.

Instead of a president who lets a timber industry lobbyist manage our national forests, we have a president who'll preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Instead of a president who declares America is addicted to oil but does nothing to cure it, we have a president promising to double our production of made-in-America renewable energy.

I'm scheduled to appear on CleanSkies.TV at 2pm and 4pm to talk about what the Obama presidency means for clean energy and the environment. Any other thoughts on what I should say?
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