Sunday, February 15, 2009

Same Global Warming Denial, Strange New Package

Global warming isn't happening because tungsten is surprisingly plentiful.

No, really. That's the argument put forth by George Will in today's column.

You see, back in 1980, an environmentalist said tungsten supplies would run low by 1990. Since they didn't, you can't believe anything anyone tells you about this "environment" nonsense.

I wish I could say today's column filled with bizarre analogies and misleading statements is the furthest Will has gone to deny global warming science or that we even have an energy problem. But that title goes to a column last year in which Will went so far as to concoct, then retract, a story about China drilling for oil off the Florida coast. And I wish I could say it George's kookiest screed attacking global warming, but this column still tops that particular list.

What's most disturbing about Will's virulent global warming denial is that he's considered to be among the most rational, intellectual conservatives out there. If he's pushing propaganda over the settled science, what hope do we have to get the rest of them on board with climate action?

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