Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking News: Murky Coffee to Close

I bring good news and bad news. Bad news first:
Dear valued customer,

It's with great sadness that I announce that in a few weeks, murky coffee will be relocating from here in Clarendon to a new location in Washington DC.

The property here at 3211 Wilson Boulevard was sold last year, and market rent is simply more than we can afford.
Sad, but not unexpected. As first reported last year, Murky was not so good at paying its taxes.

Now the good news:
In the coming months, I hope that you'll join us in welcoming a new coffee shop here, brought by the talented folks at the renown Liberty Tavern just up the street. They'll be bringing their years of experience, a full renovation of the building, and top-quality service. We are proud to call them our friends, and plan to support them in setting up their coffee program. That said, we ask that you'll join us in welcoming and supporting them.
Liberty has quickly emerged as one of Clarendon's hottest nightspots (in no small part because it's smoke-free). I'd been worried about this location turning into a Starbucks when Murky closed, but there's strong reason to hope Liberty's owners can keep the Common Grounds/Murky Coffee tradition alive!
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