Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shad Planking Sign Wars: What a Waste

This is not a criticism of Terry McAuliffe or his campaign. This is a criticism of the Virginia political establishment that gives credit to the "winner" of the sign wars at the Shad Planking.

Why should a candidate get any favorable attention for lining the road to a single event with a reported 25,000 signs -- roughly 10 per attendee? It's not a show of force, it's a tone-deaf display of wastefulness and excess:

Can't we let candidates impress us with other things? Like, say, their positions on issues?

I'm certainly not claiming total innocence on this one -- my
campaign for House of Delegates has ordered yard signs of its own. Our goal was to order just 500 yard signs (most shops have a 1,000-sign minimum and we have no use for that many) that were printed on recycled material (and were ultimately recyclable) and printed in a union shop. But we weren't able to find a shop that could meet all of our needs , so we had to settle for the smaller order printed in a union shop.

If you live in the 47th district and want Miles Grant for Delegate yard sign, email me! More MG09 schwag can be found at our CafePress store.
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