Sunday, May 10, 2009

Method Man

The Green Miles doesn't have a washer-dryer in his apartment. Especially in the winter, I dread the one-block trek to my complex's laundromat. Not only do I have to schlep my clothes, I have to bring detergent, giving me a choice of bringing the whole big box/jug or trying to pour some into a smaller container, always a messy proposition.

But I've been able to solve at least part of the problem by switching to Method's concentrated detergent. The
container is small enough to carry. Plus, I get the benefits of Method's natural cleaners:
Coconut oil soap, a concentrated blend of naturally derived and biodegradable surfactants, and active cleaning enzymes provide the non-toxic cleaning power. the triple concentrate provides a nice eco-innovation: by taking out most of the water, this product saves packaging plastic and shipping energy, not to mention all that water. (oops, we mentioned it.)
More details on laundry detergent from Grist's Ask Umbra:
The No. 1 ingredient to avoid is the surfactant nonylphenol ethoxylate. NPE breaks down into NP (nonylphenol, please don't make me spell it any more), an endocrine disruptor (and estrogen mimic) that has been seen to affect male fishes. Since detergent goes out in household wastewater, and NPEs are quite difficult to remove during sewage treatment, we should avoid putting NPE into the water in the first place.
And as Treehugger recommends, wash your laundry in cold water whenever you can.
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