Thursday, May 14, 2009

MG09 Signs Rated Tops Among Keen Observers

Now that the Democratic primary for Virginia House of Delegates is fewer than 31 days away, Miles Grant for Delegate volunteers have put up signs on median strips across the 47th district. Given that I'm The Green Miles, we asked volunteers to be especially careful about not placing signs in parks or flower beds and planting signs deep so they wouldn't blow away.

Our signs got some nice recognition over at Blue Virginia:
I got an email about the quality (not quantity) of the signs from a ... let's call him a keen observer of Arlington Democratic politics.

Ranked by ease of visibility and clearness in telling us who the candidate is:

1. Miles Grant
2. Alan Howze
3. Andres Tobar
4. Adam Parkhomenko
5. Patrick Hope
If you live in Arlington and would like an MG09 yard sign, email us!
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