Thursday, July 9, 2009

Will "Drill Baby Drill" Sell in Arlington?

Was just perusing the website of Eric Brescia, the Republican candidate for House of Delegates here in Arlington's 47th District. His issues page promises to, "Promote economically viable, efficient, and clean energy technologies." But the first item in his energy plan?
Develop Virginia’s natural gas supplies and dedicate royalty revenue to transportation
Pursue an energy strategy that would only create a handful of jobs in places far from Arlington like Virginia Beach? And dedicate the revenue to transportation with nothing about where and how the money is spent (Brescia's website also says nothing about dedicated funding for Metro)? So Arlington could get none of the jobs and none of the transportation funding, but receive all of the negatives of higher global warming pollution?

Sounds like Arlington Republicans are putting up yet another candidate simply to raise his own profile at the expense of the issues that matter to Arlingtonians.

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