Saturday, September 5, 2009

What If They'd Used a Green Bus in "Speed"?

It might have looked something like this:

Ballston Bus Crash 2
An Arlington Rapid Transit (ART) bus plowed through a low brick wall last night in front of The Green Miles' apartment building at the corner of Washington & Glebe in Ballston. The bus was traveling east on Washington across from the Sunoco station. Our front desk attendant overheard the driver tell a police officer that he swerved to avoid something.

If he'd swerved just 10 feet earlier or later, the bus would've just rolled over some shrubs. But instead it slammed into the brick wall, sending some bricks flying as far as 70 feet across the cul-de-sac.

Ballston Bus Crash 1The attendant said he heard a "thump," then ran out to see what had happened. All the passengers appeared to be OK, though he laughed that may change today when they talk to their lawyers. He said one woman got off the bus ... and never even slowed down, last seen heading south on Glebe towards Ballston. As I took these cell phone pics, a tow truck was being brought in to lift the natural gas-powered bus off the wall and tow it away.
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