Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arlington Takes First Step Towards Sidewalk Snow Removal Policy

The County Board voted yesterday to begin moving forward on a new sidewalk snow removal ordinance:
In the end, board Vice Chairman Chris Zimmerman carried the day, winning support for a proposal that:

* Sets a March 13 hearing to potentially adopt a 60-day measure putting temporary snow-removal requirements in place.

* Sets a hearing, likely in April, to consider a broader and more permanent measure.

* And requires the county manager to take steps to make sure the county government itself is clearing snow from its property.
Great work by Chris Zimmerman leading the charge towards filling a major gap in Arlington's walkability! Thanks also go to the Arlington Civic Federation, Arlington Young Democrats & all the individuals who wrote in to ask for action.

Still, it's strange to hear that some board members don't see a need to enact a policy quickly. One asked, "What is the urgency?" 

The urgency is forecast to arrive late tonight. We could get up to 6" of it.

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