Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's Hard Out Here for a Global Warming Denier

Climate activists are media whores! They just want to grab a piece of the spotlight during this fleeting “green” trend, get invited to all the best parties & hang out with all the biggest names! Also, they all have personal economic agendas! And the media rewards these celebrities with fawning profiles! Like that Leonardo DiCaprio getting on the cover of Vanity Fair’s green issue! Poseur!

Global warming deniers, on the other hand, are only in search of the truth! And for their effort, they’re punished with skepticism from that liberal media! Deniers toil in obscurity with justice as their only reward! Adventure? Excitement? A DENIER CRAVES NOT THESE THINGS.

In other news, here’s a fawning profile of global warming denier Marc Morano that glosses over how much he & his friends rely on polluter funding for their existence. It details how science denial has made Morano rich & famous, reveling in his posh jet-setting lifestyle zipping up the Pacific Coast Highway & planning to buy a big new house. Morano brags about all the great, uncritical media coverage he gets & how he loves palling around with celebrities like Rush Limbaugh.
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