Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Harry Caray Moment in the Dairy Aisle

HEY! Why do the free-range eggs cost more than the cage-free eggs at the grocery store? If you were a chicken, wouldn't you rather be free-range? I know I would.

Actually, both "cage-free" & "free-range" seem to be a bit meaningless. The term "free farmed" seems to have some real standards. 

But as is so often the case, if you're really concerned about how the chicken was treated before it begat the egg, you're best off going to your local farmers market, where they'll be happy to chat your ear off about the chickens & how there's been too much rain this spring & here, try a piece of our cheese, it's the best & if you're ever up in Buckeystown you should stop by!
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