Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If You Know Anyone Who Works in Congress ...

... print this article about Koch Industries' perversion of our democracy, write PLEASE FIGHT BACK in big red block letters across the front, and give it to them.

You know I couldn't help but think of while reading this article? Someone who's not even named: Senator Jim Webb. Even though the Koch-funded Club for Growth was George Allen's #2 donor in the 2006 Senate race, Webb hews closely to the Koch line on climate change. So even though their preferred candidate didn't come out on top in 2006, Koch still found itself a winner.

But do you think that will stop Koch from funding an even more anti-science challenger to Webb in 2012? Of course not. He may have been born fighting, but on global warming, Jim Webb allows himself to be a pawn in Koch's game.
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