Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pedestrian to Restaurants: I Want You To Want Me

I was walking through Clarendon the other day around 5:30pm. From a financial point of view, I figured I should wait until I got home to make myself dinner. And yet, if some restaurant had tempted me with a discount burger & beer and the evening edition of SportsCenter on a big screen ... well, sense of hunger would've easily overwhelmed my financial sense.

Yet as I walked down Wilson Blvd none of Clarendon's bars & restaurants tried to lure me in. While you can't walk through the streets of most major cities without sandwich boards out on the sidewalk pitching that evening's specials, there was nothing like that in Clarendon. I ended up heading home. Which was fine, it just wasn't necessarily fun.

So I was very happy to see Arlington County Board Member Chris Zimmerman working to change it:
THUMBS UP: To County Board Vice Chairman Chris Zimmerman, for pressing to end the county government’s overzealous regulation of what are generally called “sandwich boards,” those freestanding signs beckoning the public into shops and restaurants.

As Zimmerman notes, it is awfully hard to get permission to put those out in Arlington. And that’s just plain silly.
Some parts of a walkable community are obvious (public transit, crossable streets). Others are subtle. Good to know Chris Zimmerman gets the big picture AND the little details. Just one more reason Chris deserves re-election.
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