Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exclusive Footage of Westover Market's Appeal to Arlington Zoning Officials

UPDATE: Yet another instance of Arlington threatening to shut down a business for an absurdly insignificant reason.

Former Arlingtonian Dan Ennis passes along this video of the Westover Market Beer Garden's plea to Arlington zoning officials to allow music:

In all seriousness, here's a comment from a member of the Save Westover Market Beer Garden Facebook group:
I live 3 blocks from the Westover Beer Garden. I can hear the Metro trains (another 3 blocks beyond the Beer Garden), but I have never heard noise from the Garden, even when I know it's in full swing. It's a cool neighborhood gathering place that attracts all kinds of musicians and patrons and adds to the vibrancy of the Westover neighborhood.
I say again: I understand there are zoning & permitting issues to be worked out. Westover Market is already in the process of addressing them. But what does it say about Arlington County's zoning & permitting process that a few complaints can completely silence the music that hundreds of people had been enjoying every week?
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