Monday, June 6, 2011

Raping the Planet as "Green" TV

Why is the channel called "Planet Green" showing reality TV like Heli-Loggers and Extreme Loggers? I understand why the History Channel and Discovery Channel (Planet Green's parent) look to cash in by making cheap reality TV shows about dangerous jobs in beautiful places.

But shouldn't a channel that purports to be about sustainability draw the line at glorifying this?
This gripping series follows different types of loggers, from small family run companies to major corporations; mule logging to heli-logging, revealing the amazing stories of these remarkable men and their quest to log where no other man dares.

Extreme Loggers launches with a visit to remote swamps of North Carolina. When five different crews try and fail to log these wetlands, experienced logger, Bobby Goodson, is called in. With trees growing in mud deep enough to swallow huge logging machines, poisonous snakes and deadly spiders, Bobby has an immense challenge on his hands.

But with $50,000 a week up for grabs it’s a job offer he can’t afford to refuse!
I mean, for that kind of money, how could you NOT destroy wildlife habitat in a previously-untouched wilderness?
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