Monday, September 12, 2011

One Small Recycling Event Keeps 30,632 Pounds of Electronics Out of Landfills

I was really impressed by Saturday's Fall Recycling Extravaganza here in Falls Church. There were plenty of staff, the event was well-organized, there was no line, and in no time I'd dropped off about 50 pounds of old electronics (most of that a computer & its monitor).

How much electronic equipment, potentially laden with hazardous material, was kept out of the landfill? Here's a tally from Barbara Gordon, Falls Church director of communications:
A total of 30,632 pounds or 15.3 tons of electronics and computer equipment were collected at the City of Falls Church’s fall Recycling Extravaganza on Sept. 10. Total weight of items collected and therefore kept out of the waste stream and the land fill were:
  • 19,472 pounds of electronics
  • 136 TVs, estimated at 6,120 pounds
  • 144 computer monitors, estimated at 5,040 pounds
  • Combined total 11,160 pounds of cathode ray tubes
And that's just in a Little City of 12,332. If your community isn't holding a similar event, it's not because there isn't demand.
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