Friday, January 13, 2012

Ben Stein Upset Company Realized He's Kinda Nutty

Ben SteinRepublicans are all about free enterprise, business knowing better than government, and reforming the legal system to prevent frivolous lawsuits & tie the hands of judges ... unless it's former Nixon White House staffer Ben Stein suing Kyocera for realizing they didn't want to have a climate science denier as their spokesman. "God, and not man, control[s] the weather," says Stein. It is not clear why Stein thinks God is stepping in to stop man's carbon pollution from affecting our climate but not stopping, say, man's nitrogen pollution from creating dead zones in our waterways.

Stein is also an evolution denier, defended Larry Craig, and has compared President Obama to Hitler.

Clearly the government must step in and make sure this rich idiot gets the money he was never actually promised and didn't actually earn!
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