Monday, January 2, 2012

Sustainability Meets Functionality

AT&T gave me a chance to try out one of those new Motorola P793 Battery Chargers that's made from recycled water-cooler bottles and carbon offset through Cool that it's a combo of both a direct charger and a portable external charger, so I could charge plugged into the wall at my office or plugged into the battery backup in a meeting (rare that I'm the Cool New Gadget Guy, so it was fun to show it off). The battery backup was much lighter than I expected & pocket-sized, so I could keep a backup charge in my back pocket if need be & charge anywhere (i.e. on Metro). And one of my biggest BlackBerry pet peeves is that the USB cord takes forever to charge, so it was great that the battery charger juiced the phone as fast as plugging it into an outlet. I'd definitely recommend it if you need a new charger and/or find your phone's battery needing a charge more than once a day.
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