Monday, March 5, 2012

Why Not Just Buy Real Maple Syrup?

Log Cabin Syrup's front label now blares "NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP." But on the back label, the first ingredient: Corn syrup.

Obviously there's a cost-difference - pure Vermont maple syrup costs about four times more than corn-based syrup, in part because Congress lavishes tax giveaways on (mostly corporate) U.S. corn production. I think there's another subtle factor in play: It tastes worse, so it must be better for you, right? Nope: Corn-based syrup has just as many calories as real maple syrup.

When you're shopping, there's an instinct to grab for the huge cheap jug. But for the average person, how much syrup do you really need? A bottle of Massachusetts maple syrup in my refrigerator has lasted me well over a year. And as for families, aren't you better off teaching your kids to use the good stuff judiciously rather than letting them drown their pancakes in the cheap (but still high calorie) stuff?

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