Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dominion Puts Brayton Point Up For Sale: The Long, Slow Death Of Coal, Ctd.

_MG_8460 - Brayton Point Generating Station.  Somerset, MassIn a surprise move, Dominion has put its controversial & ginormous Brayton Point coal-fired power plant in Somerset, Massachusetts up for sale. No immediate word on any potential buyer or what it means for the plant's future.

The most comical part of the Fall River Herald News article on the sale is Dominion CEO Tom Farrell dropping every Craigslist cliche to try to fluff up the plant. Low mileage! Barely used!

But the most telling part for America's energy future comes later:
Despite Dominion spending more than $1 billion in new equipment to comply with federal environmental guidelines, Brayton Point was declared the worst emitter of greenhouse gases in New England and New York by the Environmental Protection Agency last January.
Even a billion dollars can't buy you "clean coal", a lesson many communities are learning the hard way.
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