Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Conservatism Now Failing in Real Time on Climate Change in UK

With unprecedented climate change-fueled floods pummeling the United Kingdom, conservative Prime Minister David Cameron stood in front of the media Tuesday to insist that, despite appointing a climate science denying environment secretary to gut flood preparation and ignore climate threats, he is in fact aware that climate change is happening.

It's yet another reminder of how completely conservatism has failed humanity on global warming. Scientists have been warning of man-made climate change for more than a half century and of ongoing and potentially catastrophic climate change for more than a generation. Yet all these later, conservatives like Cameron remain paralyzed in the face of this ongoing disaster by their anti-tax zealotry. And compared to today's Congressional Republican leadership, Cameron is Al Gore.

Conservatism has no answer to climate change - that's why they demand to debate science, not solutions. The media may let them get away with it, but the atmosphere isn't so forgiving.

h/t Duncan Black
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